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to be Best

Integrated IoT

Hidden Electric
and Brake Cables

Steering Stabilizator
for Safer Ride

14-inch Front Tyre

Wide Screen LCD Display

Led Ambiance Lightings

Side Reflectors

Large Deck

Reinforced Rear Fender

Dual Kickstand

Swappable High-Capacity Battery

Ride to

Sustainable Cities

 Olo Mobility’s Commitment to Sustainability

At olo mobility, sustainability drives us. As a Türkiye-based company, we are uniquely positioned to offer eco-friendly transportation solutions that minimize environmental impact while optimizing efficiency.

We understand that the transportation and shipment processes in our industry can contribute to carbon emissions and prolonged delivery times. That’s why we take pride in our local presence, enabling us to provide efficient and timely delivery within Europe. With olo mobility, your shipment arrives in just 2 days, significantly reducing the carbon footprint associated with transportation.

As a Türkiye-based company, which is a member of the European Customs Union, we have streamlined customs procedures, ensuring seamless delivery while minimizing delays and further reducing our ecological footprint.

To further prioritize sustainability, we have developed an efficient and optimized engine control system for our electric kick scooters. This cutting-edge technology not only enhances performance but also maximizes energy efficiency, contributing to reduced energy consumption and carbon emissions.

In pursuit of zero waste, we ensure a minimum 5-year lifespan and comprehensive warranty on all parts, ensuring durability and reliability. 

Join us on our journey to redefine sustainable mobility. Experience olo mobility’s difference – locally crafted, efficient, and eco-friendly solutions that embrace Türkiye’s unique advantages.



Discover the Exceptional Features

Experience the epitome of safety with Olo Kick Scooter. Engineered to prioritize your security and comfort, it’s equipped with an exclusive 14-inch front tire that sets a new industry standard.

The unparallaled tire goes beyond providing support – it ensures unrivaled resilience and stability. Smooth and effortless maneuverability allows you to navigate turns and congested areas with ease and confidence.

At olo mobility, we understand that safety is paramount, which is why the Olo Kick Scooter goes the extra mile. With its seamless acceleration and the incorporation of an additional brake mechanism, we prioritize your well-being at every moment of your ride.

By the Numbers

Range:Up to 65 km
Mechanical Durability:Lifespan of 5 Years
Tires:14″ Front & 10″ Rear
Brakes:2 Mechanical (front and rear) and 1 Electric (motor)
Rated (Max) Power:350 W (650 W)
Rated Voltage:48 V
Battery:High Capacity and Swappable
Maximum Slope:22%
Complying Standards:EN 17128, e- KFV, ASTM 2641

Built-in IoT,  Integrated Steering Stabilizator, High-Tech MCU Algorithm, Regenerative Braking



Customize Your Olo Kick Scooter

Break the rules and redefine what it means to customize your ride. With olo mobility, durability and style go hand in hand, giving you the best of the both worlds!

Let your imagination run wild and embrace the freedom to create a truly unique olo kick scooter that reflects your style. With exceptional design, the customization options are endless. From vibrant fluorescent paints to a diverse range of colors, make a statement that stands out from the crowd.

Redefining Short-Distance Travel

In a world where efficiency and quality matter, olo mobility sets out on a remarkable journey to provide swift and top-notch products. Located in Türkiye, we leverage the geographic advantages of our region to deliver fast and reliable solutions.

At olo mobility, we believe in offering an alternative that embraces the beauty of nature, fuels the sense of adventure, and maximizes efficiency. Our mission is to revolutionize urban transportation, providing a sustainable and exhilarating experience for short-distances.

Join us as we redefine the way we move, offering fast and high-quality solutions crafted with care.

Fostering Knowledge and Cutting-Edge Solutions

At olo mobility, we foster innovation through in-house R&D. Our engineers develop mechanical, electrical, and software components in our eco-conscious factory. Experience the result: customer-centered products and optimal solutions that redefine mobility.

Our Expert Team

Powering olo mobility’s Innovation

Our experienced team, with over 100 years of combined expertise in electronic, mechanical, and mechatronic engineering, drives olo mobility’s innovation. Together, we redefine mobility with cutting-edge solutions.

Embracing Diversity

Our Commitment at Olo Mobility

At olo mobility, we wholeheartedly embrace the value of diversity. We are deeply committed to fostering a workforce that is inclusive and diverse in terms of gender, nationality, and culture.

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